open mindfulness evenings in derby


Mindfulness is the ability to notice where we are, physically and mentally, and bring our attention back to what is rather than being in our fantasies, fears, hopes and dreams.

We invite you to join us for a series of mindfulness evenings.

We would like to meet every month (Weds at 6pm) for a 2-hour practice period followed or preceded by a short introduction and/or talk. Both beginners and people who are already practising are welcome to join us.  It will be an opportunity not only to explore theory but also to go deeper into our own personal practice.

Some of the practices include:

  • sitting (including mindfulness of breathing and open awarenes) and walking meditation
  • mindful yoga
  • body scan
  • loving-kindness meditation
  • various visualisations

Each meeting might have a different theme and we might practise different things.

Bring a pillow/cushion and yoga mat to sit on and come a little early so you can settle in. You can also sit on a chair.

Evenings facilitated by: Wendy Wood & Julia E. Wahl

Next meeting: October 7 (Wed), 6pm-8pm
Venue: Good Green Café, 5-6 Strand Arcade, DE1 1BQ Derby
Biscuit charge (juice, water and biscuits will be available, you can buy a wonderful cup of coffee or tea at the Cafe): Ł5 entrance for the waged, Ł3 for the unwaged.
Please let us know if you’re coming 🙂

Feel free to contact us if you want to join us:

Julia E. Wahl, e-mail: j.wahl at or juliaEwahl at

Wendy Wood, e-mail: w.wood at